Fibonacci Stream

I was going to test out some of the codeblock functionality in octopress, but as it turns out the fancy stuff I wanted to test is not available in master and I’m far too lazy to sync to 2.1 at the moment. As such, everyone will have to settle for this plain jane snippet:

// e.g., fibStream.take(5)
def fibStream: Stream[BigInt] = {
  def loop(prev1: BigInt, prev2: BigInt): Stream[BigInt] = prev1 #:: loop(prev2, prev1 + prev2)

Nothing fancy, just one of many possible variations of the fibonacci sequence. This one is done via a Stream, which is Scala’s memoized lazily evaluated list. (More here).

Will probably write more about the why/how of the nested loop def (mostly for my own reference), but for now I think the codeblock looks pretty neat. It’s still a shame I didn’t get to play with funny line numbers/highlighting stuff though.