Bracket Expansion in the Shell

Just a quick post to show of a neat little trick for those who are more command-line-driven: bracket expansion.

Basically, bracket expansion means that some-string-called-{x,y}-here desugars in the shell to some-string-called-x-here some-string-called-y-here. This is especially useful if, say, you’re in a Java-like directory structure and you accidentally placed your source class in your test folder, and you need to move it back:

# desugars into mv src/test/java/com/foobar/app/ src/main/java/com/foobar/app/
mv src/{test,main}/java/com/foobar/app/

Or if you’ve already committed to source control, this also works quite nicely with git mv. Another nice example from recent memory is, say, if you were cleaning up some directories nested by date and wanted to only wipe a few months:

rm /posts/2014/{01,03,06,07}/*.html

Anyway, just a quick little post for a neat little trick.